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Our new couch and classroom changes

This afternoon, presented the children with the opportunities to explore the changes to the indoor environment. Over the weekend we received a donation of a couch from the WARRAGAMBA bargain Hut, the kids really noticed the change and were non stop stating how comfy it is and how much they liked it. Parents have also stated how homely it makes the room look.

Harrison, jack, James, Jackson, Daniel, and Abigail all enjoyed the planned train table top activity, getting back to the basics and making interconnecting and loopy train tracks. Daniel stated "these are cool I haven't played with trains in ages.

Abigail, Charlotte, Lanaiya, Daniel, Harrison, Charlotte and James all enjoyed the change in the home corner with the addition of some new chairs, table cloths and some new NATURAL resources added (pine cones, shells and rocks) the children used them as play food and drink, and used Monopoly money to buy at the wiggy cafe. Riley commented on the new table cloth "it's beautiful , it feels so fancy" (Riley, X).

Tyler, Riley, Tianah, Alyssa, and Ellie all played a variety of outdoor games during free time this included 44 home, and bull rush.

John, Kash, Evan and Rachel enjoyed some monitored tech time with time restricted to 10 mins unless completing homework. This time was used to surf the web or play some "cool maths games" . As the afternoon winded down Tyler, Riley and tianah all wanted to talk to Cara about scary movies this included their favourite and her favourite scary people, the children shared their own experiences and the teachers shared some of their own memories of when they where children the children found enjoyment and Tyler needed some reassurance that some of the scary creatures didn't exist.

My my time our place outcomes.

4.1, 4.2, , 4.4, 5.1, 5.3, 2.1, 1.4

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